Balanced combination of engineering and business knowledge are key factors laying behind value creation and economic wealth. Importance of innovation in knowledge intensive manufactures has created a growing demand for MSc programs which integrates aspects of technology, economy, finance and other related areas.

The Faculty of Engineering Business and Management (EBM) offers MSc programs taught both in Russian and English for students who wish to combine engineering knowledge with competences in planning, innovation and management. The key advantage is the multidisciplinary approach and the possibility of choosing a broad range of curricula.

When studying for Master Programs in EBM applicants can choose to structure their studies in two ways: either combine one’s own courses or specialize within one of proposed courses.

Graduates are qualified to use acquired competences in project and change management, innovative process organization, integrated logistics, product-system optimization and sustainable development. In globalized world these competences are crucial to industrial manufacturers, knowledge-intensive businesses, that implement practical industrial solutions.