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General Information

Engineering Business and Management Faculty was launched in 1993 to provide students of engineering faculties of the Bauman University with profound knowledge of economics, manufacturing process management, logistics, finance and international affairs in high technology industries. Through its development the Faculty has become very popular not only among Bauman students of technical specialties. Nowadays Engineering Business and Management Faculty is ranked as one of the top national business school. Every year Faculty opens their doors for more than 200 enrollees. The distinctive competitive advantage of the Faculty is a balanced combination of engineering and business knowledge. A wide range of the Faculty’s innovative programs attract the finest students from around the globe as well as the most demanding recruiters from well-known employers. The curriculum is built on an integrated, interdisciplinary structure that combines research, practice and teaching. This valuable, holistic perspective prepares students to be successful in today’s highly competitive world.

The structure of the Faculty includes seven departments, providing academic programs at the undergraduate, master, postgraduate and PhD levels; business-school providing MBA programs; Russian-German center dealing with international affairs and a research center which deals with cutting-edge research in industrial logistics, sustainability, market analysis of innovation products, econometrics, business-informatics, etc.

Additionally the Faculty is in the capital of Russian Federation — Moscow – the most vibrant, multicultural and livable cities in Russia. Studying at the Faculty means enjoying an exceptional cultural experience and multicultural student environment.

The departments of the Faculty:

  • EBM-1 Economic Theory
  • EBM-2 Economics and Manufacturing Process Management
  • EBM-3 Industrial Logistics
  • EBM-4 Management
  • EBM-5 Finances
  • EBM-6 Entrepreneurship and International Activity
  • EBM-7 Innovative Entrepreneurship

A range of opportunities for international students

The Faculty aims to foster continued innovation, to leverage excellence and to develop our students into business leaders who have a global outlook and understand the importance of personal responsibility. As a result, we approach combined engineering and business education through deliverance of a comprehensive and leading-edge curriculum. Students can choose among:

  • Bachelor Programs;
  • Master Programs;
  • Postgraduate Programs;
  • Exchange Programs.